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Our 2019 Pre-Season Savings Event features lower rates on our single and multi-trip emergency medical plans... plus additional premium savings for CARP members! Not yet a member of CARP? Simply call for a quote and you’ll receive a complimentary one-year digital membership! It’s our greatest savings event... ever!

No matter what type of 50-plus traveller you may be... always on the fly, a cross border day-tripper or a snowbird, prefer to travel alone, as a couple or in a group, like to rough it or desire the lap of luxury... we’ve got you covered. We’ve been CARP’s recommended and trusted insurance provider since 1993. We’re here for your protection.

Our Plans Fit Your Travel Plans
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  • Single Trip: from 1 to 212 days out of province.
  • Multi-Trip Annual: for trips of 4, 10, 18, and 30 days, travelling two or more times per year.
  • In-Canada: available only if travelling in Canada for the entire duration of your trip.
  • Non-Underwritten: 1 to 15 days out of province.
  • Non-Medical: all-inclusive medical plan add on.

We’ll even combine multi-trip and single trip policies to ensure the most coverage for the lowest price.

For complete plan details, click to read Rate Card and Sample Policy Wordings.

Yes, We’ve Got You Covered!
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  • Three Health Categories: for applicants 60-plus.
  • No Medical Questionnaire: for age 59 or under.
  • Personal Underwriting: available when required.
  • Pre-Existing Conditions: details in our policy.
  • Medical & Non-Medical Benefits: may include doctor fees, hospital accommodation, emergency transport, trip cancellation, pet return and more.

There’s no medical exam required upon application. You can answer health questions over the phone!

Click to read Sample Policy Wordings for coverage details and/or restrictions*.

Your Protection Is Our Priority
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You’ll be protected with 24/7 worldwide emergency assistance and up to a $10 million dollar policy limit.

Dedicated case managers answer your assistance calls and ensure appropriate care is being received, while medical staff interact directly with doctors at the hospitals our policyholders are attending.

Medical concierge services provided by StandbyMD: telephone access to a qualified physician anywhere you travel, with additional services offered in the US.

For more on assistance and StandbyMD, click to read Sample Policy Wordings.

CARP Membership Has Its Perks
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  • Premium Savings: simply for being a member of CARP, you’ll enjoy additional savings!
  • Trip Break: if a change in plans means a quick return across the Canadian border, but you still have coverage remaining, you can now resume your trip without the need for a new policy.

Our licensed brokers are committed to you. They’ll help with medical declarations and will recommend coverage based on your health and travel plans.

For more member benefits*, click to read Rate Card and Sample Policy Wordings.

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Our Pre-Season Savings Event is on until September 30, 2019.

Readers of Fifty-Five Plus Magazine, the time to buy Travel Insurance for CARP Members is now!


There’s no fee to switch dates before departure, plus top-ups and extensions are available if required.

The details you need to make an informed decision are posted on this page, including sample policies.

Get your quote and make your purchase today:

  Toll-Free: 1.866.943.6103

And remember, if you’d like the added savings but you’re not yet a member of CARP, simply request a no-obligation quote by phone and you’ll receive a complimentary one-year digital membership!

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50-Plus Traveller Safety Tips

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Snowbird Protection Checklist

Click Here for important information to help ensure that you, your home, vehicle and pets are protected while you’re travelling.

We welcome travellers who are not yet members of CARP!

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