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Pet Insurance for CARP Members
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In Canada, over one third of pets require emergency veterinary treatment each and every year. Additionally, two out of three dogs and cats develop a significant health problem at some point during their lifetime.

Pet Insurance for CARP Members’ two simplified plans, PetCare and PetCare Plus make it easy and affordable for you to manage the financial risk, while protecting the health of your family pets.

You’ll be covered for your dog or cat’s veterinary fees resulting from an accident and illness*. PetCare offers a lifetime maximum of $10,000 while PetCare Plus offers a $25,000 lifetime maximum.

• Premiums will not increase due to your pet aging.
• Coverage is available for your mature pets.
NEW: Coverage may be available for your pet’s
  pre-existing conditions if they’ve been symptom-free
  for at least 12 months. Call for details.

Great Rates & Coverage:
Get dependable coverage and
competitive premiums that
start at only $20.55 per
month for cats, and
$30.85 for dogs.

PROGRAM PARTNER: PetCare Pet Insurance Program

The Pet Insurance for CARP Members Program is offered by The McLennan Group Insurance Inc. PetCare Pet Insurance Programs are underwritten by Northbridge General Insurance Corporation, distributed by PTZ Insurance Brokers Ltd., and by Sodaco Juridique Inc. in Quebec. Coverage is available to all residents in all provinces, excluding the territories. *Coverage will not be extended for existing conditions, injuries, medical conditions and symptoms of concern that were evident prior to enrolment or which occur during the 14 day waiting period for illness coverage. All coverages subject to the terms, conditions, and exclusions of the policy. Please refer to the policy wording for complete details. Life and Health Plans offered by The McLennan Group Life Insurance Inc.

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