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Need Coverage? Then don’t do this!
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Whatever your destination, you take care of the travel plans, and then with the proper coverage, we’ll help take care of you.

We offer multi-trip annual plans and single trip daily plans with the right rate for your health, value-added extras, multiple coverage options, and much more.

• A 5% discount exclusively for CARP members.
• Simple qualification in six health categories.
• No medical exam required upon application.
• You can answer health questions over the phone.
• Coverage for your unstable pre-existing conditions.
• Top-up coverage and extensions are available.
• 24-hour assistance, plus a $5 million policy limit.

Your protection is our priority. Our
licensed brokers are qualified to help
you understand medical questions
and offer advice on the best
coverage for you. We want
you to be properly insured.

Because insurance
without proper coverage,
is like having no insurance at all.