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Sergeant Bob’s Safety Tip of the Month

Visit the Senior Safety Tips website
Senior Safety Tips - August 2018

What Should Drivers Do When They’re Being Dangerously Tailgated?

Recognizing the aggressive driver will soon overtake you:

  • If possible, change lanes to allow the aggressive driver to overtake.
  • If you must slow down due to traffic flow, tap the brake pedal then brake gently allowing a gap between you and the vehicle ahead, so you can pull ahead or escape from a stopped position if necessary.
  • Make a mental note of time, location, vehicle and occupants for a witness statement if they collide with you or another vehicle.

What you should NOT do:

  • Slam on your brakes in retaliation.
  • Speed up dramatically to lose the tailgater.
  • Share a single finger salute or other gesture (automatic road rage).
  • Clog a “fast lane” - drive in the right lane of a multi lane roadway.

Retired Police Sergeant Bob Paterson works closely with The McLennan Group to develop and share practical, economical safety tips for Canadians 50-plus. To read and print out all tips and view Sergeant Bob’s appearance schedule, visit Senior Safety Tips online.

Who is The McLennan Group?

The McLennan Group Insurance Inc. is a 100% Canadian owned, nationally licensed insurance brokerage specializing in the design and distribution of innovative all-lines insurance solutions and services for leading associations, affinity groups and Canadians 50-plus.

Along with our life and health division, The McLennan Group Life Insurance Inc., we have been CARP’s recommended and trusted provider since 1993.

To offer the 13 Insurance Programs for CARP Members, we work with a number of leading Canadian insurance providers.

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Insurance Bureau of Canada
Canadian Life & Health Insurance Association
Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada