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Retired Police Sergeant Bob Paterson works with The McLennan Group Insurance Inc. to develop and share practical, economical safety tips for Canadians 50-plus. To read and print more safety tips, and to view Sergeant Bob’s appearance schedule, visit SeniorSafetyTips.ca.

Senior Safety Tip of the Month - January 2020

Avoiding Intersection Collisions Caused by “A-Pillar” Blind Spots

CHECK ONCE - CHECK TWICE! Get in the habit of making a secondary check to ensure that anything crossing in front of you is not momentarily hidden by your own vehicle’s A-Pillar.

An A-Pillar is the roof support structure on both sides of a windshield. They vary in size and angle, but all have the potential to obscure your sightlines. By checking once - checking twice, any object momentarily hidden in this blind spot - vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, etc. - is more likely to reveal itself before your vehicle accelerates forward.

As collision investigators piece together traffic events that seem to offer no other explanation, sightlines and visual obstructions are often considered. Being told that a driver “just didn’t see them” is far too common and frequently linked to A-Pillar blind spots.

You will maximize your sightlines at intersections, roundabouts and cross walks by routinely checking once - checking twice.

Click Here to learn more by reading Sergeant Bob’s “Avoiding Intersection Collisions Caused by “A-Pillar” Blind Spots”

Safe Winter Driving

Tips For Safe Winter Driving

A short review of the root causes that combined, can place drivers and vehicles at increased risk during the winter months.

Snowbird Driving Tips

Snowbird Driving Tips

Snowbirds who drive South know the routine well, but a simple safety review can help to smooth the way.

Staying Warm in a Blackout

Staying Warm In A Blackout

A look at basic safety tips for portable indoor heaters and outdoor gas or diesel generators. Care + caution are key.

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