FollowMe Health Insurance Plan

CARP members: If a lifestyle change, career change or retirement will mean the end of your employer-sponsored health plan, we’ve made it easy and affordable to help protect yourself by protecting your benefits.

  • Uninterrupted Coverage: If you apply within 60 days of losing your current plan, you can enjoy uninterrupted health insurance coverage.
  • Retain Benefits*: You and your family may maintain many of the benefits enjoyed under the plan you’re leaving. Click Plan Comparison for coverage options.
  • Your acceptance is guaranteed**, and there’s no medical questionnaire required at the time of application.
  • There is no waiting period for coverage on a wide range of health care services that may be essential to your – and your family’s – well-being: dental care, vision care, prescription drugs, hospital benefits and more.

What’s more, your public health plans may not cover the full cost for many health services – expenses that could cost you thousands of dollars each year. The FollowMe Health Insurance Plan can be the solution.

How Much Health Coverage Do You Have?

Dental care, vision care, and prescription drugs are just a few of the benefits that may receive limited coverage from a government health plan.

To find out what your province or territory may or may not pay for, we’ve provided links for all provincial and territorial health insurance plan websites.

For full details on the covered products and services, coverage levels and eligibility criteria in your province or territory, Click Here.

Attention Residents of Quebec:

To learn coverage options, plan details, or to make your purchase, please call toll-free: 1.877.551.5566

Program Partner: Manulife

Insurance policies underwritten by The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company

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