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Long Term Care Insurance for CARP Members

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Long Term Care Insurance for CARP Members - MyCare, MyWay

CARP members: According to the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association, over 70% of people over age 65 will ultimately require some long term care. Daily care is required when you are physically or cognitively dependent as a result of an accident, illness or aging.

With reduced government health plan coverage for long term care programs, monthly expenses may reach thousands. Perhaps that’s why it’s predicted that the average Canadian will soon spend more time caring for their elderly family members than raising their children. Long term care insurance is the logical solution.

  • Unsurpassed Experience: Our program partners, MyDignity have offered long term care insurance for more than 30 years. They’ll shop the market to find the best solution, best value, based on your specific benefit and coverage needs.
  • If you were to lose the ability to care for yourself, a tax-free income benefit would give you the freedom to choose the type of care you want, in a facility or your own home.
  • While coverage is available up to age 80, lower rates are typically available to age 65.

Long Term Care Insurance for CARP Members helps protect your savings and independence, and allows you to choose where you want to receive care.

Make an Informed Decision

As CARP’s recommended insurance provider, we have a responsibility to help you make an informed buying decision. No matter which insurance product you require, or provider you choose, our best advice is to educate yourself before you buy. That’s why we offer information that will help you review programs “apples-to-apples”.

Long Term Care Insurance
Protect savings, secure independence, preserve dignity

Of the Canadians age 65-plus who will ultimately require some form of long term care, when given a choice, most prefer to remain in their own homes for as long as possible. A move to a care facility is often due to needing intensive care or due to the high cost associated with home care.

Daily care is required when you are physically or cognitively dependent as a result of an accident, illness or aging. Monthly expenses can reach into the thousands of dollars. Personal long term care insurance is the most logical and thoughtful solution, as government assistance is limited at best.

Two policy types with tax-free benefits / income:
  • (1) REIMBURSEMENT POLICIES repay expenses incurred up to your designated limit. These policies are the least expensive, and the most effective and efficient.
  • (2) INCOME-BASED POLICIES provide income if expenses are incurred or not. They’re a more costly policy, more difficult to obtain and prone to rate increases.

When should one start to think about long term care insurance? If you will be 65-plus within 20 years and are concerned about protecting your assets, income and savings, or are unsure of the support you’ll have in the future, the time is now.

And if obtaining coverage is a concern for you due to cost or health issues, consider a simplified acceptance plan that is both affordable and easy to obtain, with no medical underwriting.

Regardless of the long term care insurance policy one may choose, it is an integral component of a solid financial strategy. Long term care insurance provides you with the freedom and control to choose how you wish to be cared for. No one wants to be a burden on the ones they love.

GREAT RESOURCE: Read the “Guide to Long Term Care Insurance” online on the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association website: www.clhia.ca.

A FINAL WORD: The McLennan Group urges you to be certain the program selected is right for your needs. Always read the fine print and ask questions before you buy, because insurance without proper coverage is like having no insurance at all. Remember, your protection is our priority.

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Long Term Care Insurance or Critical Illness Insurance?

Which is the right coverage for you? Our critical illness and long term care insurance plans are offered together to help CARP members fully understand the similarities and differences, because we want you to make an informed decision.