Pet Insurance for CARP Members

CARP members: Did you know that in Canada, over one third of pets require emergency veterinary treatment each and every year? Additionally, two out of three dogs and cats develop a significant health problem at some point during their lifetime. We offer pet insurance to protect you against unexpected health care costs, and help you budget for annual health expenses like veterinarian visits, medications and vaccinations.

  • Great Rates and Coverage: Get dependable coverage and competitive premiums that start at only $25.41 per month for cats, and $46.11 for dogs.
  • Claims will not result in an increase to premiums.
  • Coverage is available for your mature pets.
  • PetCare offers a lifetime maximum of $10,000, while PetCare Plus offers a $25,000 lifetime maximum.
  • You’ll be covered for your dog or cat’s veterinary fees resulting from an accident or illness*.
  • Additional benefits include trip cancellation coverage, boarding kennel fees, and lost pet recovery fees.

Pet Insurance for CARP Members’ two simplified plans, PetCare and PetCare Plus make it easy and affordable for you to manage the financial risk, while protecting the health of your family pets.

What to Look For

As CARP’s recommended insurance provider, we have a responsibility to help you make an informed buying decision. Our latest issue of Insurance Insights contains information that will help you compare different insurance products “apples-to-apples”.

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For An Informed Decision

Before you buy, you should read the full policy to understand what is and what isn’t covered.