Travel Insurance for CARP Members

Frequent travellers, occasional travellers and especially snowbirds... choosing the right travel health insurance protection is one of the most important buying decisions you will ever make. Outside of Canada, coverage from your provincial health plan is very limited. With an extended hospital stay, that could be financially crippling. CARP members: we’ve got you covered.

  • Trusted Advice: Our licensed brokers are qualified to assist with your medical declaration and offer coverage advice based on your health and travel plans.
  • CARP Member Benefits*: An extra 5% discount, up to $1,000 in trip cancellation coverage with annual plans, and coverage for two children age 15 or younger who are travelling with parents / grandparents who are age 60 or older and insured with an annual plan.
  • We offer single trip daily plans and multi-trip annual plans with multiple coverage, discount and deductible options. Click Rates and Policy for complete details.
  • Easy qualification with no medical exam upon application.
  • Medical concierge services provided by StandbyMD.
  • Six health categories and personal underwriting available.
  • Top-up coverage and extensions are available.
  • No fees to change your travel dates prior to departure.
  • 24-hour assistance, plus a $10 million Cdn. policy limit.

Remember, when you call the Travel Insurance for CARP Members toll-free telephone number, that you’re speaking with a licensed insurance broker. And your protection is our priority.

Why Choose Travel Insurance for CARP Members?

Licensed Brokers

When you call the Travel Insurance for CARP Members toll-free telephone number, you are speaking with Licensed Insurance Brokers. Licensed brokers are qualified to provide advice on the insurance product that is best suited for you.

CARP-Trained Brokers

The licensed brokers at Travel Insurance for CARP Members understand the issues facing Canadians 50-plus today, and are committed to the same beliefs as CARP. They have been actively trained with the knowledge and appreciation for what the CARP organization stands for.


Our Travel Insurance for CARP Members program partner has had over 18 years of travel insurance experience as a brokerage. Combined, their key personnel have well over 60 years of travel insurance experience. Because their primary customers are Snowbirds, they understand what coverage is typically needed for a snowbird traveller. They may also recommend that you verify information with your doctor if you seem unsure of your conditions.


Our Travel Insurance for CARP Members brokers want you to be properly insured. They will work with you to help ensure that you understand all medical questions.

Individual Medical Insurance Customized For You

If appropriate, your Travel Insurance for CARP Members broker will suggest an individual medically underwritten policy for you. An individual medical underwriting policy is designed to individually assess your medical conditions; you are not being placed into pre-designated categories like other standard applications. It allows for tailoring the policy based on your own specific health situation. Further, the individual medical underwriting policy is designed to cover your pre-existing conditions without a stability period.

How you can get the most of your travel insurance:

  • Understand your medical conditions and treatment including medication.
  • Be willing to check with your doctor if you are not sure what your medical records state.
  • Be open and honest with your insurance broker about your conditions.
  • Review your insurance policy prior to departure, especially if your condition has changed since the time of purchase.
  • Consult your Travel Insurance for CARP Members broker for any questions you may have.
Out of Country Emergency Health Services

In Canada, provincial health insurance plans look after most hospital and medical expenses, and you rarely see a bill. But when travelling outside of Canada or even your home province, coverage under your provincial health plan is limited, and only a fraction of these expenses may be covered.

To find out what your province may or may not pay for, we’ve provided links for all provincial and territorial health insurance plan websites.

For full details on your province’s out-of-country services, plus “physical presence” details for snowbirds, Click Here.

If you plan to travel outside of Ontario, it is strongly recommended that you obtain additional private medical insurance and fully understand what your policy covers.

Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
What to Look For

As CARP’s recommended insurance provider, we have a responsibility to help you make an informed buying decision. Our latest issue of Insurance Insights contains information that will help you compare different insurance products “apples-to-apples”.

Click Here to read the current issue – Volume 8, Issue 2

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Underwritten by The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company and First North American Insurance Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Manulife, PO Box 670, Stn. Waterloo, Waterloo, ON N2J 4B8.

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