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Health Care Coverage in Canada – What Is & Isn’t Covered

Many health care benefits and services receive limited or no coverage from government health plans. For complete details on health care coverage across Canada, click the link for your province or territory.

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Canadian Health Care Coverage: Myth Versus Reality

Separating the facts from the fiction about the need for supplemental coverage

The Misconception About Health & Dental Insurance

A costly misconception many Canadians have is that provincial health plans cover all costs once they retire. In reality, as commendable as government health care coverage is, it covers just the basics.

Services with limited or no coverage from your provincial health plan – including dental and vision care, hearing aids, home support services, registered therapists and specialists, ambulance services, and more – have to be paid out of your own pocket.

And while provincial plans offer prescription drug coverage for those 65 or over, those under 65 are not eligible for benefits unless they’re in the lowest income bracket. What’s worse, costs for medications have increased dramatically over the past three decades.

As life expectancies for Canadians increase, so does the prevalence of chronic disease and the need for health care services. Yet only 31% of Boomers say they’ll be entitled to employee-sponsored health care benefits when they retire.1

Did You Know?

Thus, the need for supplemental coverage is clear; especially if you have a fixed or low income. Without it, regular medical expenses could place a huge strain on your budget, lifestyle and retirement plans. If a serious accident or illness were to occur, the financial repercussions could be debilitating.

Fortunately, you can protect yourself from the high cost of health care today and in the future by taking advantage of cost-effective supplemental health & dental insurance.

1 Strategic Guidance Consulting, Janice Keefe, Statistics Canada, 2009.