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From departure to return, we’ll work to ensure you’re properly protected! Our licensed specialists are qualified to offer advice on coverage that suits you best, based on your health and travel plans. And remember, exclusions for COVID-19 related expenses remain in place for travel to countries still with a Canadian Government Level 3 Advisory to avoid non-essential travel. If you plan to travel to countries with Level 3 Advisories, speak with our specialists about your coverage options, and visit our COVID-19 Coverage page to learn more.

Insurance Plans

PLEASE NOTE: The COVID-19 tab at the top of this page has important information for anyone travelling during the pandemic.

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Single & Multi-Trip Emergency Medical: We can even combine single and multi-trip policies to help you get the most coverage for the best price.

COVID-19 expense exclusions are in place for countries with a Level 3 or 4 Advisory.

Unlimited Canada Travel: Available as a single-trip plan if travelling in Canada for your entire trip. And you’ll be covered for COVID-19 related expenses.

Non-Underwritten: For short trips where pre-existing conditions are not a concern.

Non-Medical: An all-inclusive add on for medical plans.

Personal Underwriting: Tailored to your situation; even coverage for pre-existing conditions with no stability period.

Your Protection

If you experience a medical emergency while travelling, the right coverage makes a world of difference.

See “Emergency Medical Policy” for More

$10 Million Policy Maximum: Our single and multi-trip emergency medical plans provide coverage up to $10 million CDN.

Worldwide Assistance: We’ll protect you with 24/7/365 worldwide emergency assistance.

StandbyMD Medical Concierge Service: Includes access to a qualified physician anywhere you travel.

Dedicated Case Managers: They answer assistance calls and ensure appropriate care is being received, while medical staff interact directly with the doctors at the hospitals our policyholders are attending.

Trip-Break: If you have to briefly return to Canada with coverage remaining, resume your trip without needing a new policy.

In-Canada Travel

OHIP does NOT cover all of the medical expenses you could incur while you are travelling inside Canada.

See “Out Of Province Coverage” for More

The Need for in-Canada Travel Insurance:

Reciprocal agreements for medical services between the provinces and territories are only equal to the coverage provided in your home province, and differ across Canada.

Outside Ontario, some plans will not cover prescription drugs, ambulances, specialists, emergency dental or x-rays. Just think – an air ambulance back to Ontario can cost you as much as $20,000. There are exclusions for all non-medical expenses, including travel expenses associated with trip interruption.

In-Canada Emergency Medical Plans:

If you plan to discover Canada this year, first protect yourself with proper coverage for unlimited in-Canada travel, including expenses related to COVID-19.

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