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If your group health care benefits are about to end because of a lifestyle or career change, you may be surprised to learn provincial health plans will not fully cover your health care expenses. And varying health conditions could make it difficult to qualify for supplemental coverage.

Apply for FollowMe Health within 60 days of the loss of your group plan, and you may enjoy uninterrupted health care coverage.

  • Acceptance is guaranteed* with no waiting period for coverage.
  • No medical questionnaire at time of application.
  • Choose from: FollowMe Basic, FollowMe Enhanced, FollowMe Enhanced Plus, or FollowMe Premiere.

Regardless of your health or age, if you apply within 60 days of the loss of your group plan, you can be protected with benefits similar to what you had with your employer-sponsored health plan.

What’s more, with our Benefits Card you won’t pay out-of-pocket for most health care benefits.

What would happen if you lost your employer-sponsored health plan?

You can protect yourself by protecting your health care benefits.

Call for details and your quote.