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TruShield Insurance
  • TruShield Insurance Solutions Can Protect:

Commercial property

Including your building, any equipment you use for your business, fixtures and furnishings, inventory and supplies. They have even built in protection for sewer back-up, flooding, earthquake and equipment breakdown.

Damages to 3rd parties or their property – liability

They can cover injuries or property damage caused by you (or your staff) to customers, suppliers, or visitors to your property. It will also cover you if your company conducts business off-site and causes injury to a third party or their property.

Your bottom line

Business Interruption protection pays you for loss of net income and normal operating expenses until you get your business up and running again.

Your employees

If your employees aren’t protected by Workers Compensation, TruShield can cover them should they be injured while working for your company where the injury arises out of your negligence.

You against crime

Too often you hear about a large theft from a business by a trusted employee or from a crime. They can cover your business against theft losses as a result of the actions of an employee or from others.

Company vehicles

Are all the people, partnerships and/or corporations that own vehicles currently listed on your automobile policy properly named? Even a small mistake in this area can – if an accident occurs – cause an insurer to deny your claim. That’s why they take extra care to make sure your company vehicles are insured right.

Your home office

Your regular insurance may not cover all your business’ assets like your home office equipment or any liability that goes with operating a business out of your house.

To provide Canadians 50-plus with the finest small business insurance protection, The McLennan Group Insurance Inc. is proud to partner with TruShield Insurance. They offer the coverage you need to protect your property and contents, company vehicles, your day-to-day operations and even your employees.

  • Shops & Retail
  • Professional Services
  • Skilled Trades & Contractors
  • Health Services
  • Commercial Property Owners

To enhance your coverage, TruShield includes a number of added benefits such as Trauma Assistance® – access to counseling and other services for you and your employees who have suffered an insured traumatic loss.

Along with your business and personal insurance needs, TruShield also protects your employees. Their group health insurance plan is perfect for small businesses with one or more employees and includes medical, life, dental, disability, and critical illness coverage.

For your personal needs, don’t forget that The McLennan Group Auto & Home Insurance Program offers the coverage you need for the wheels beneath your feet and the roof over your head.

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